Restaurant Tree & Plant Projects

Restaurant Trees and Plants have had an explosion of increased popularity in recent years, and we’ve had a hand in the trend! Our Fabricated Trees and Plants are featured in dozens of restaurants, from long time establishments to new eateries that just opened. If you’re seeking a palm tree design for your restaurant, or any palm tree restaurant decor, we’re here to help!

Restaurants tend to go in one of two directions with our Fake Trees – a singular tree statement piece, or an entire treescape throughout the space. One of our most memorable statement pieces has to be the Custom Fabricated Sushisamba Tree, which sits at the center of their penthouse bar. This Artificial Tree is a combination of Oak Bark and Banyan Foliage, all done in their branding’s shade of orange.

The Deck at Moonshine Flats in San Diego features a Fabricated Birch Tree in the center of their indoor/outdoor space. This offshoot of the Moonshine Flats main restaurant has a relaxed, backyard feel, so our tree is right at home there. Another can’t miss display is the Floral Wall Tunnel Entrance to CATCH restaurant at Aria Resort & Casino. The walls and curved ceiling of the entrance are completely covered in lush Faux Flowers and Plants, giving the place a magical look and feel.

Other restaurants have instead opted to display Replica and Fabricated Trees throughout their space. Restoration Hardware – RH – has artfully arranged Fabricated Mediterranean Olive Trees and London Plane Trees throughout their rooftop restaurants. Fabricated Boxwood Hedges, Ivy, and Green Walls complete the look. Their unique concept of a combined retail space and restaurant has made their first location, the 3 Arts Cafe in Chicago, a top wedding proposal spot in the city!

Queensyard restaurant in New York displays our Replica Trees in their British inspired restaurant. Replica Acacia Trees and Replica Oak Trees are found throughout the UK, and they have cultural meaning for Brits. Our trees are placed throughout the seating area, giving guests the chance to dine under (faux) tree canopies in the middle of New York.