Restaurants | PAST PROJECTS: Outdoor Plant Wall for Yusho at Monte Carlo

PAST PROJECTS: Outdoor Plant Wall for Yusho at Monte Carlo

Artificial Green Wall at Yusho Restaurant
Outdoor plant wall for yusho at monte carlo
Outdoor plant wall for yusho at monte carlo

PAST PROJECTS: Outdoor Plant Wall for Yusho at Monte Carlo

Outdoor Plant Wall Enhanced Restaurant’s Appeal

Yusho was a popular Asian grill and ramen house located in the outdoor plaza of the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The casino went through major exterior renovations in 2015. Over 2,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Boulevard facade was converted to a Green Wall to add curb appeal to two restaurants.

The restaurant designers contacted our team to create a strikingly attractive Non-Living Plant Wall. Yusho was known for its bright and bold flavors, so they wanted a design that would complement the menu and décor. They also just wanted to welcome diners to their restaurant!

MGM Design had previously purchased an EcoScreen System custom manufactured. Our artisans applied hundreds of UV Rated Artificial Bougainvillea Vines to over 20 panels. Some panels were over 20 feet long.

Framing an oversized glass front entrance and bright pink Yusho signage was thousands of square feet of artificial Living Wall comprised of commercial-grade, Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI), Artificial Vines and Bougainvillea.

We custom designed and built the three-dimensional Vine and Wall Covering combination on powder-coated, steel grid panels.

The Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort & Casino became Park MGM Las Vegas. We were pleased to complete this project for MGM Resorts International.


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