Artificial Tropical Plants at Hawaiian Resort

Artificial Tropical Plants at Hawaiian Resort

View from Hawaiian Balcony
Hawaiian Balcony View
Faux Plants
Balcony Flowers and Ocean View
Faux Flowers in Window Planters
Balconies at Condo Complex
Ocean View from Hawaiian Condo Balcony
Artificial Flowers for Balcony
Faux Flowers and Plants
Balconies at The Whaler Complex
The Whaler Complex Building Exterior
Artificial Flowers

Artificial Tropical Plants at Hawaiian Resort

Our team was called upon when The Whaler Residential Condominium Resort Ka’anapali was renovated for the first time in 30 years.

The Whaler on Kaanapali Beach is comprised of 360 condominiums contained within 2, 12-story buildings with sweeping views of the shimmering Pacific and breathtaking tropical gardens. Each unit features a large lanai (patio) with built-in planters.

The live plant material on the lanais saddled these beautiful condominiums with constant maintenance, irrigation, drainage and weight problems. Our team was hired to replace all of the live exterior plantings with Artificial Plants and Florals that were native to the island.

These were all custom created, native, and colorful permanent plantings. Artificial Plants were chosen due to irrigation, weight requirements, maintenance, and their ability to provide a consistent look throughout the property.

TreeScapes & Plantworks specializes in exterior, permanent landscaping and rose to The Whaler Resort’s challenge by designing a UV Rated component that met their design criteria within budget.

Before custom manufacturing and installation could begin, months of design and engineering reviews took place. This ensured the design could withstand Hawaii’s unpredictable tropical environment, including high winds and heavy rain.

Once reviews were completed, manufacturing began; due to shipping costs, all manufacturing took place in Maui, Hawaii. Several containers of raw materials were shipped from the United States’ mainland and China to the project’s location.

An entire team of our designers and tree builders spent 30 days onsite executing the design and planting, which included cutting 20,000 pieces of UV Rated foliage by hand. The artificial foliage and flowers were then planted in 17-inch heavyweight nursery pots and secured with specially formulated concrete and filler.

In the end, a staggering 1,900 pots were built and installed. Each pot contained a colorful mixture of bougainvillea and three types of foliage: Podocarpus, Liriope and Mahonia.

The Whaler Resort can rest easy knowing their new landscaping requires no water, no ongoing maintenance, and no pesticides! It will look beautiful all year long and comes with our exclusive colorfast guarantee.


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