Cruise Ships | Palm Trees and Column Wraps for Cruise Ships

Palm Trees and Column Wraps for Cruise Ships

coconut palm carnival cruise exterior 0000 cropped
Fabricated Coconut Palm Trees
Fabricated Coconut Palm Tree Column Concealment Wrap
Palm Column Concealment Wrap
Coconut Palm Column Concealment Wrap close up showing detail
UV Rated Fabricated Palm Trees on Cruise Ship
Fabricated Sago Palm Trees
Artificial Sago Palm Trees on Cruise Ship

Palm Trees and Column Wraps for Cruise Ships

Artificial Palm Trees are perfect for a variety of projects, but they’re especially well-suited for tropical cruise ships! TreeScapes & PlantWorks have had the privilege of providing several types of Fabricated Palm Trees for various cruise lines. Our realistic and durable Artificial Coconut Palm Trees surround the pool areas, and Artificial Sago Palm Trees add color and interest to the deck.

The client also used our Palm Tree Column Concealment Wraps to cleverly disguise columns around the deck. Guests can enjoy uninterrupted views of sun, sea, and palm trees, with no unsightly structural elements to distract from their vacation.

Our artificial products are great for cruise ships because they don’t require any watering whatsoever. They’re also constructed to be durable and long-lasting, even when exposed to rain, wind, and sun. Our exterior fabricated trees are made with UltraViolet Inhibited (UVI) foliage that is tested and proven to resist fading or damage from sunlight.

Cruise ships aren’t the only type of travel project we’ve done. We’ve also contributed artificial trees and plants to various maritime ports around the world!