Casinos & Resorts | Artificial Palm Trees and Plants at Casino

Artificial Palm Trees and Plants at Casino

Fabricated Phoenix dactylifera Palm Trees
Fabricated Palm Trees by Pool
Artificial Palm Tree at Night
Artificial Palm Trees with Lighting
Artificial Palm Trees by Pool
Artificial Palm Trees Trunk Close Up
Artificial Palm Trees against Las Vegas Strip background
Faux Palm Trees by Hotel Pool
Green Wall with Built-In Seating
Green Wall with Lounge
Close Up of Green Wall Seating
Faux Ball Topiary and Ivy
Exterior Green Wall
Outside Faux Green Wall
Exterior Green Wall Installation
Exterior Green Wall and Plants
Exterior Green Wall Column Wraps
Ceiling High Ball Topiaries
Parking Garage Topiaries
Las Vegas Hotel Lobby Topiaries
Faux Topiary in Parking Garage
Faux Ivy in Parking Garage
Ball Topiaries in Planters with Bamboo
Ball Topiaries in Planters
Ceiling High Ball Topiary

Artificial Palm Trees and Plants at Casino

TreeScapes & PlantWorks had the chance to provide Artificial Trees and Plants for a hotel and casino right on the Vegas Strip. Our products were used both indoors and outdoors, and in multiple places within the hotel and casino.

Artificial Phoenix dactylifera Palm Trees were installed around the pool area, providing much-needed shade from the Vegas sun. Some have Leafy Column Wraps around their trunks, while others are left “natural”. The exterior pool and lounge area also feature our Artificial Green Walls and Artificial Boxwood Hedges.

The lobby inside is adorned with Artificial Ball/Sphere Topiaries, Bonsai Trees, Ivy, and Bamboo. The parking garage features rows of ceiling-high Faux Topiaries, atop tall columns. Screens of Artificial Bamboo add more greenery and call attention to all of the unique features.

All of these products offer maximum visual impact and minimal maintenance. They’re made with Ultraviolet Inhibited and Inherently Fire Retardant materials, making them the perfect choice for the Las Vegas strip.


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