Cruise Ships

Cruise Ship Tree & Plant Projects

Cruise Ship Trees & Plants are an ideal way to convey a tropical, carefree aesthetic for guests. Fabricated Exterior Palm Trees are the most popular option, and are often used to border pools and attractions on the ship. These range from tall Artificial Palm Trees, installed directly into the deck, to potted Fabricated Mini Sago Palm Trees.

When cruise lines want to distinguish a space as relaxing and refined, they use even more Cruise Ship Trees & Plants. Fabricated Ficus Trees convey beauty and sophistication – and they provide excellent shade under their custom designed canopies. Fabricated Bamboo can also be used to line pathways, offer privacy, or just bring a natural element to the area.

Cruise Ships are just as impressive on the inside as the outside, so our Interior Trees and Plants are also used often. Ballrooms, dining areas, and lounges can display Preserved Palm Trees, Replica Palm Plants, and a wide variety of Replica Florals and Plants.

There are functional considerations to keep in mind when designing Cruise Ship decor. Size has to be limited, in height, diameter, and weight. There are weight restrictions that must be followed, and this can cause problems with any real trees or plants. Our products don’t grow larger or go out of bloom, so they can stay in place for decades.

Cruise lines also have another restriction to abide by – water limitations. Freshwater is available on cruise ships, but it’s generally allotted for food and drink. Water conservation efforts and weight limitations mean that unlimited amounts of water on board just aren’t an option. Our Fabricated Trees and Fake Plants don’t need a drop of water, so they’re very eco-friendly.

Major lines such as Carnival Cruises have also used our Exterior Palm Tree Concealment Column Wraps to great effect. These realistic Fake Palm Trees are custom created to fit each column, turning a structural element into a work of art.