Restaurants | Faux Ficus Trees for Phoenix Restaurant

Faux Ficus Trees for Phoenix Restaurant

Faux Ficus Trees provide functional decor at Phoenix Restaurant
Faux Ficus Trees act as dividers for row of booths at Phoenix Restaurant
Faux Ficus Trees separate row of booths at Phoenix Restaurant 3

Faux Ficus Trees for Phoenix Restaurant

Faux Ficus Trees are always in season, and they’re a longtime favorite among our clients. TreeScapes & PlantWorks are proud to present these Replica Ficus Trees, created with natural wood trunks and branches. Interior commercial projects call for Inherently Fire Retardant materials, so our exclusive UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage was a perfect choice.

Many restaurants use trees and plants as booth dividers, privacy partitions, and horticultural decor. Popular choices include Preserved or Artificial Boxwood Hedges, such as those used at the RH Restoration Hardware restaurants in New York and Minneapolis.

Faux trees are another excellent choice for eateries! They can be used to create divisions between rows of booths, as seen here. Alternately, they can be arranged between tables, like the Faux Acacia and Oak Trees at Queensyard restaurant in New York. The multitude of trees makes each table feel like a private dining spot in the countryside!

Artificial trees and plants don’t have a smell, so they don’t compete with the scents from the kitchen and tables. They also don’t have any pollen or allergens that could bother diners. Another major benefit of artificial versus real is the cleaning process. Our products look and feel real, but they can be cleaned and disinfected using products that living trees can’t tolerate.

If you’re considering artificial greenery, consider designing with Faux Ficus Trees as this restaurant did. Ficus Trees are generally mid-sized, although we can craft them as small Faux Ficus Plants or tall Faux Ficus Trees. Each variety has appealing multi-stem natural wood trunks and a rounded shape that fits in anywhere. Rows or groves of artificial trees can completely transform a space, and there’s almost no upkeep whatsoever.

Contact us today to get started on a custom tree and plant landscape plan for your restaurant, cafe, or resort today!