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Custom Fantasy Tree for Mexican Restaurant

Custom Fantasy Art Tree for Mexican Restaurant
Overhead view of Custom Creation Artistic Fantasy Steel Tree for Mexican Restaurant
Low angle close up of Custom Creation Artistic Steel Tree for Mexican Restaurant

Custom Fantasy Tree for Mexican Restaurant

TreeScapes & PlantWorks are known for our ultra-realistic trees and plants, but we also do purely artistic creations. One excellent example is this Custom Fantasy Tree for an upscale Mexican restaurant. The Washington, DC eatery opened to great fanfare and the “Árbol de la Vida” (Tree of Life) in the center of the restaurant brought rave reviews.

We created the tree trunks and branches, and a talented artist added the handpainted flowers. Howard Connelly, of Howard Connelly Design, did an incredible job on each detailed floral! When we shared a picture of the tree on our social media, he commented

It is a phenomenal achievement!! The “skin” or bark is amazingly realistic and tough, yet soft feeling. I designed, built, and installed the Oaxacan themed flowers for your amazing tree. So I’ve spent hours actually climbing it, and it brings the joy of youthful excursions back fully. Excellent job and a stellar choice…!

One of the main designers for the restaurant – Michael Reginbogen of Knead Hospitality + Design – noted how they had a specific concept in mind:

I wanted a gray tree in winter — rustic and unfinished-looking. It’s made of steel and fiberglass and is adorned with 50 Oaxacan folk-art-style, hand-carved and painted wooden flowers. There are four different sizes of flowers and four styles, but each one has a distinct color treatment. And we have the tree very subtly lit with a light that filters through the flowers and branches and shifts slightly, creating a bit of movement in the dining room at night.

Restaurant Statement Trees are among our favorite types of projects, and we love the creativity on display here. If you’re interested in a breathtaking tree, contact us today to talk details! We’re here to help turn fantasy decor ideas into reality.