Restaurants | Custom Carved Column Wrap Restaurant Tree

Custom Carved Column Wrap Restaurant Tree

Fabricated Carved Olive Tree at Florida Restaurant
Custom-made Faux Olive Tree with carved initials and heart at Florida Restaurant
Custom fabricated Olive Tree functions as column concealment wrap in Florida Restaurant
Wide angle restaurant interior view showing placement of Fabricated Olive Tree
Faux Olive Tree with hanging decorations in Florida Restaurant
Custom Made artificial Olive Tree with carved initials also serves as belly-up table in Florida restaurant

Custom Carved Column Wrap Restaurant Tree

TreeScapes & PlantWorks created this custom carved, fabricated Mediterranean Olive Tree for a Florida restaurant. The tree was installed right in the center of the establishment and can be seen from almost all angles. The placement is ideal, but it was actually done because this is a custom Column Wrap Tree that disguises the support beam!

Sparkling crystals and string lights make the display even more romantic! The finishing touch is a carved heart that reads “G & M”.

Our artisans create lifelike artificial trees every day, and each is customized by hand. You can add a carving of initials in a heart as this client did, or a logo, message, or date. We can also customize your tree with any combination of different tree barks and foliage.

The signature orange Sushisamba Tree that we made, for example, features elements replicating from Oak and Banyan Trees. We also made a custom faux Cherry Blossom Tree that was updated with a different type of bark to suit the aesthetic of the room.

Whatever you prefer, our customized restaurant trees are sure to deliver. Place a single statement tree to anchor the room, like this restaurant did, or arrange a “grove” of trees between tables.