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Artificial Papyrus Plant

Artificial Papyrus Plant

Artificial Papyrus Plant

Most people are familiar with the long, rich history of papyrus – but what about modern applications? Papyrus Plants, also know as Paper Reeds, are a tropical, aquatic flowering plant. It stands tall and straight like other Reeds and Bamboos, but it has its own distinctive features. Artificial Papyrus Plants and Reeds from TreeScapes & PlantWorks capture the beauty of Papyrus when it is young. The long stalks are topped by dense clusters of thin, thready stems. Many note that Artificial Papyrus Plants, like live Papyrus, often resemble feather dusters!

We use them most frequently to bulk up plant and floral arrangements, as well as provide interesting texture and color. We have two main types of Grasses, Replica and Fabricated, as well as a selection of Preserved Grasses.

All of our Replica Indoor Products are made with our exclusive UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage, which is Inherently Fire Retardant. All of our Fabricated Exterior Products are made with our exclusive UltraLeaf-X® Foliage, which is Ultraviolet Inhibited.

Artificial Papyrus is a great way to get an eyecatching display without worrying about watering, pruning, or most other forms of maintenance.

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This item is available as a Fabricated, Preserved, or Replica item. The product images may show a different version of this product; please note that variations in material and appearance may occur. Additionally, all items are custom made to specifications and completely unique. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like additional reference images. Email or call 1-800-527-8884.


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