2021 Hospitality Design Trend: Sustainability


Sustainability Banner

“Going Green” has been a trend for years now, but the 2021 version focuses specifically on sustainability. Consumers want to know that they are interacting with companies that prioritize:

  • The environment
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Low-plastic usage
  • Water conservation
  • And more!

Increasingly, customers are concerned with environmental issues and want to know that the businesses they deal with are behaving ethically.

For this reason, sustainability has been one of the most noticeable hospitality trends of recent times, with a growing number of hospitality businesses promoting their eco-friendliness.

Hospitality Trends: The Latest Trends in The Hospitality Industry, Revfine

“A focus on environmental sustainability isn’t new, but the degree to which guests expect (and prefer) eco-friendly products and services is. Simply suggesting that guests reuse towels for an extra day isn’t enough; today’s traveler wants to stay at hotels that have integrated green practices in all aspects of their business.”

101 Hotel Trends You Need to Watch in 2021 & Beyond, Hotel Tech Report:

Tips for Sustainability

Safety, sanitation, and sustainability are all big buzzwords for 2021 design. Effectively integrating these concepts can be difficult, but worthwhile. Here are just a few of the options that Hotel Tech Report suggests:

  • Water Conservation: Any effort to minimize water usage can help a hotel become greener, from implementing slower-flow showerheads to using more efficient laundry machines.
  • LEED Certification: Short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, this global certification measures the eco-friendliness of a building. The assessment covers topics like water efficiency and indoor environmental quality, and buildings can earn Certified, Gold, Silver, or Platinum status.
  • Solar Power: Hotels can utilize solar power either by generating power from their own solar panels or by purchasing solar power from their electricity provider.
  • Green Hotel Brands: Hotel brands with a holistic focus on eco-friendliness are considered “green,” such as Marriott’s Element brand and the luxe 1 Hotels.

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