How to Design a Safe, Healthy Office Space

People around the world are returning to offices after months of remote work – but not everyone has a safe, healthy office space to work in. Employees today expect social distancing, rigorous cleaning standards, and an environment that helps to reduce stress.

This is in sharp contrast to many “typical” business offices, which are focused more on being functional, and less on promoting good feelings. Artificial office plants and trees accomplish these modern workplace goals in a beautiful, useful manner! They also help to avoid many of the common drawbacks of living office plants and trees.

Social distancing and mask requirements have eased significantly, but people are now accustomed to keeping space between them. This can be accomplished with partitions made from faux green walls, bamboo groves, trees, and potted plants.

Hygiene is still at the forefront of most people’s minds, so office designers should consider ease of cleaning. Living plants can’t be easily washed or sanitized. Artificial trees and plants, however, can be wiped down with non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaners. They’re also easy to dust, and they don’t produce any pollen or blossoms!

Recent years have demonstrated that biophilic design is very appealing in business settings. “Biophilic Design” is a term referring to the use of plants, materials, imagery, shapes, and textures that emulate what is found in nature. All of these are proven to reduce stress, improve productivity, and even improve physical health.

The one major caveat with biophilic design, though, is that many people can’t tolerate being in the presence of living greenery. Allergies are a real concern, which is why the aforementioned lack of pollen, spores, and falling leaves and blossoms are such a big benefit of artificial plants.

Others are sensitive to the scents of natural, living plants – even if those scents are usually considered pleasant! Avoid liability and ensure comfort by utilizing faux trees, plants, florals, and green walls in your business.

Fabricated and replica horticultural products will never go brown or die. This means they won’t produce the associated smells and sights of a rotting, failing plant. They don’t require any water, so mold will never be an issue. Healthy, vibrant plants may decrease stress, but decaying, smelly plants significantly increase it. Install “permanent” plants for ongoing beauty and benefits without these major downsides.

A safe and healthy office space will benefit workers on every level, as well as visitors, clients, and VIP guests. Consider artificial green walls and plants to help create this space in your office or building today!