You Buy a Tree, We Plant a Tree!

TreeScapes & PlantWorks are pleased to announce a new partnership with One Tree Planted: you buy a tree, we plant a tree!

We’re known for our beautiful fabricated, replica, and preserved trees for design and décor needs. We’re proud of our creations, but we also love and appreciate living trees. We’re excited to partner with One Tree Planted and increase our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity, non-profit organization that supports global reforestation. We’re doing a corporate partnership with them, based on their One for One program: when you buy a tree from us, we donate to have a tree planted. It doesn’t matter how many trees we sell – every tree purchased equals at least one tree planted!

One Tree Planted helps reforestation efforts in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. They also have a special Million Tree Challenge, which is dedicated to planting trees in California. This hits close to home for us, because our corporate headquarters are in San Diego. We’re excited to help our state heal after the many devastating wildfires that have hit California in recent years.

Here’s an explanation of how it works, from the One Tree Planted website:

“We pool the donations for each project and send the funds to our reforestation partners. We vet our partners to ensure that we maintain a tree survival rate of 80-90%.

Depending on the project, our partners choose the best tree species to plant and work with local communities to get them in the ground. Planting typically happens in the rainy season when the soil is wet and provides optimal conditions for tree survival.

Once all the trees are in the ground we send out a report highlighting the impact of your trees. We will be sure to include plenty of pictures of the newly planted section of forest!”

The biggest advantage offered by living trees is their environmental impact. Trees clean the air, remove carbon dioxide, release oxygen, support pollinating insects, and provide habitats and shade to animals and humans. That’s why we’re so excited to help the earth, the air, and all living things that benefit from the presence of living trees.

With that being said, there are also unique and environmental benefits to faux trees:

  • Conserve water with trees that don’t ever need to be watered
  • Avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides
  • No need to fertilize, weed, prune, or replant
  • Can place trees anywhere, even if there’s no sun exposure
  • Trees stay in full bloom all year long
  • Can conceal wiring, electronics, and structural elements
  • Custom designed and handmade to meet your exact specifications

Our preserved palm fronds and palm tree bark encased tree trunks are made with recycled plant material. They are so resource-efficient that they qualify for up to 90% of their purchase price in LEED credits! These trees, plants, and palm fronds are “immortalized” after undergoing our proprietary, fully organic, non-toxic, preservation therapy.

We have a thorough process to ensure that all of our products are high quality, durable, and environmentally tested. We’re a leading proponent and supplier of interior, commercial-grade, fire retardant botanicals. Plus, we’re innovators in the use of Inherently Fire Retardant (“IFR”) and Ultraviolet Inhibiting (“UVI”) materials.

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