What is an Interiorscape Design Company?

TreeScapes & PlantWorks are interiorscape design companies. We have an experienced staff of designers, plantscapers and master tree builders who will work with you and your company from start to finish on any size budget to create a specific design using artificial plants – interior or exterior. TreeSapes & Plantworks has over 50 combined years of award-winning experience to offer its customers nationwide.

We have locations across the country, including our Las Vegas office, which features a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 15,000 square feet of design showrooms.

The phrase “interiorscape design company” has two components: “interiorscape” and “design company”. Let’s take a look at each of the two items.

This is a popular trade word that is well used by those who work with plants. It includes the word “scape,” which by definition means a “scene” or “view,” like a seascape or a landscape. An interiorscape is a display put together using flowers, plants, shrubs or trees. This display is to decorate the interior (although exterior could be used as well). Examples of locations of interiorscapes include: shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and various lobbies.

Design Company:
One of the key assets that TreeScapes & PlantWorks is most proud of is the Design Center, which has over 15,000 square feet of design showrooms at the Las Vegas and Miami locations. These showrooms highlight the plants, trees, and also examples of designs that we can custom build for you and your company. Our inventory of artificial plants, trees, containers, flowers, floral vases, and accessories are truly one of a kind.

In the past and currently, we have experimented in design and used items such as:

  • Faux rocks
  • Artificial cacti
  • Yucca
  • Grapevine trunk
  • Manzanita
  • Artificial bonsai

TreeScapes & PlantWorks is the largest design center that sells wholesale silk plants and custom silk trees.

We will work with you to meet your design expectations in new and innovative ways. That’s what an award-winning interiorscape design company does. We provide high-quality plant consultation, custom design, and custom installation of plants and trees for our customers.

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