What are Permanent Plants?

Permanent Plants Overview:

Why are permanent plants so popular? Because if you like something, you make it permanent! Permanent means it’s not going anywhere, whether it is a job, housing, or a contract. When it comes to gardening, permanent plants can mean one of two things: either the plant is not seasonal in the length of time, or the plant itself will not fade away over time.

If the plant is not seasonal, it means it lasts year-round. Examples of seasonal plants include poinsettias, snapdragons, impatiens, and mums. Alternatives, however, last longer in time. Some gardeners prefer seasonal plants for their flowers, but others prefer permanent plants for their stability.

Permanent plants are replicas of the real thing and are exact copies. They are so realistic-looking that until you touch them, you would swear they are real. In some cases, they are planted into the ground or ground setting to make them look real as well. They are UV rated products to ensure colorfastness, which makes them even more realistic looking over time, especially if used outdoors.

Plantscapers who work with artificial plants choose permanent plants for several reasons. First, because it saves water, maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs over time. Second, these options are realistic looking and accentuate the interior or exterior project. They are a sensible alternative to the real thing.

Faux plants lock in the beauty of the particular species for years to come. Real plants could whither, yellow or brown with age. They could change shape or even die. Artificial alternatives are not going anywhere, and their size and shape are set. When the plantscapers and master tree builders design and install a project, you’ll know that it will remain the same in the future. Don’t worry about watering, pruning, fertilizing or other maintenance. That’s the beauty of permanent plants. What you see upon selection and installation is what you’ll get. Enjoy the color and texture of these long-lasting beauties!