Renewable Resources – The Green of Artificial Plants

As our world becomes smaller, and natural resources become more valuable as they decrease, human beings find themselves the keepers of what they take for granted. Clean air, clean water, a ground full of minerals, and gazillions of species of healthy wildlife and plants – We are all part of this fragile ecosystem.

Artificial plants are renewable resources because, first and foremost, they do not require water. This basic fact makes them ideal for areas of the country that are drought prone or experience seasonal water shortages, such as our locations in San Diego and Las Vegas.

Every year, Las Vegas receives an average annual rainfall of only 8 inches per year. Yet, it’s considered to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation and is projected to hit 3 million in population by the year 2020. Lake Mead, the prime source of water for Las Vegas, could run dry if water usage is not scaled back by Las Vegas residents and business owners – according to a study by the University of California at San Diego.

One world-famous Vegas casino, The Wynn, is doing its part to conserve resources by featuring artificial plants inside the entrance to The Buffet. The Wynn showcases sculpted artificial topiary, flowers, fruit, and vegetables – all of which are faux and do not require constant watering for upkeep.

Whether it is just one artificial plant or an entire habitat made with artificial plants, they do not require any watering . and that adds up, both environmentally and economically. For larger installation projects, your business will not have to worry about further maintenance to ensure the plants maintain their vibrancy.

Artificial plants do not require pesticides or other chemicals as well, which could also be harmful to the environment and leak into the groundwater supply. Artificial plants only require a simple dusting off from time to time and do not create additional waste or garbage.

Artificial plants are not harvested or grown on farms. Particularly with tropical plants or trees, you can rest assured that the real tropical plants will remain in their native habitats, or in the rainforests, while you enjoy their beauty with an artificial plant instead.

Having an artificial plant allows you, the consumer, the ability to create and enjoy something new that you may not have had the ability otherwise. Interior designers and plantscapers experiment with artificial plants regardless of sunlight, shade, ceiling height, and work with any blueprint or budget amount. In the end, it comes down to an artistic and design goal. Artificial plants allow for geographic freedom, the ability to enjoy Asian bamboo in Florida, or artificial palm trees in the Great Lakes states.

These plants are virtually maintenance-free and beautiful works of art that look like the real thing. Enjoy these plants and trees that come from this Earth!

Artificial plants last longer than real ones. They are less expensive than real ones. You can use your saved time and money to devote to other worthwhile causes.