Restaurants | Interior Black Olive Trees at Canadian Restaurant

Interior Black Olive Trees at Canadian Restaurant

Artificial Black Olive Tree in Canadian Restaurant
Replica Black Olive Trees with Natural Trunks in dining area at Beer Hall Restaurant in Canada
Replica Black Olive Trees near bar in Restaurant in Canada
Wide angle view showing dining area, bar, and Artificial Black Olive Tree in Calgary Restaurant

Interior Black Olive Trees at Canadian Restaurant

There’s an exciting space in Calgary that is a combination beer hall, restaurant, and event venue. TreeScapes & PlantWorks provided this Canadian eatery with stunning Artificial Black Olive Trees for the main dining and bar areas.

These Black Olive Trees are custom-made, with natural wood trunks and Inherently Fire Retardant UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage. The strings of market lights throughout the branches make every visit a magical occasion. It’s no wonder that this has become a favorite for hosting wedding receptions in the Calgary, Alberta area!


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