Casinos & Resorts | Rare, Endangered Trees Created for San Diego Resort

Rare, Endangered Trees Created for San Diego Resort

Artificial Torrey Pine Tree

Rare, Endangered Trees Created for San Diego Resort

We were pleased to create Faux Torrey Pine Trees for the lobby of the new Alila Marea Beach Resort in San Diego! Natural Torrey Pines are extremely rare, critically endangered trees, so it was crucial to utilize artificial versions for this incredible resort.

Tastefully integrated into the coastal bluff, Alila Marea draws on the unspoiled beauty of the San Diego coastline in a palette of natural stone, warm woods, clean lines, and teasing views of the Pacific, engaging all your senses while calming your spirit.

The architecture and interior design of Alila Marea Beach Resort are inspired by the surrounding locale, “with natural materials and native plants in an innovative expression of eco-design.” Torrey Pine Trees are the perfect choice for this type of design, as they are emblematic of Southern California.

Unfortunately, they’re also critically endangered. Torrey Pines are the rarest type of Pine Tree in Northern America, and their numbers are dwindling. They are protected by ordinances that prohibit their removal, so getting a license to cut down or relocate one can be very difficult to acquire. They can be grown ornamentally without regulation, but they take years to reach maturity.

Natural groves can only be found in two locations across the entire world: the coast of North County San Diego, and the Channel Islands offshore from Santa Barbara. This can be a challenge for anyone looking to decorate or design with these unique, iconic trees. The solution? Faux Torrey Pine Trees by TreeScapes & PlantWorks!

Faux Torrey Pine Trees offer all of the beauty and intrigue of these rare trees, while still honoring the environment. We applaud Alila Marea for their focus on sustainability, as well as their impeccable décor! This must-see destination offers guests a luxurious immersion in local culture:

Perched atop a stunning coastal bluff extending along one of the most dramatic stretches of coastline in Southern California, Alila Marea embodies the soul of California’s beach culture, just steps from six miles of sun-kissed sand and the hip community of Encinitas.

Visitors to Alila Marea Beach Resort can enjoy a range of amenities, including the VAGA Restaurant & Bar, Spa Alila, and a gorgeous ballroom with an open-air terrace. These are just a few of the features that make Alila Marea the perfect place for your wedding, corporate retreat, or weekend getaway.