Made In America

TreeScapes & PlantWorks is proud to feature high-quality products that are made in America. Our artificial plants and trees are manufactured by hand in our facilities across the United States: San Diego, Las Vegas, and Miami. We employ professional tree builders and plantscapers to create the top quality products that you deserve for your home, office, or retail establishment.

Other companies sell mass-produced items that are made in China or other countries, which have come off a production line and are made by a machine. Their artificial plants are identical and “en masse,” and made from synthetic plastic and rubber trunks. They lack the individuality that all plants have in real life – and you can tell.

Our products are different!

Plantworks uses all-natural materials for its trunks to be used in our artificial replica trees. Because domestic products are manufactured by hand, each one is uniquely different and not created by a machine. Each artificial tree branch is hand-inserted into the trunk and assembled by hand. Our teams of master tree builders can manufacturer large artificial trees of heights up to 30 feet tall. They can also make 25 different custom-designed specimen trees.

Our products are fire retardant and can be custom built to your needs.

Our artificial plants and trees are proudly made in America by hard-working Americans, just like you. Our master tree builders, plantscapers and sales staff have families and lives away from the workplace, just like you.

At a time when more and more jobs and products are being shipped overseas, TreeScapes & PlantWorks continues to create a high-quality product that is proudly made in America. We’ve been doing so for over 30 years, and we are one of the largest artificial interior design firms in the world. We’re not going anywhere!