Interiorscapers Using More Artificial Plants

The Strip in Las Vegas is full of multimillion-dollar casinos and resorts that cater perhaps more to the non-gambler than the dedicated poker player. In the past decade, The Strip has transformed itself into a sophisticated offering of shopping, day spas, restaurants, golf, resorts, and Broadway entertainment.

Many of these casinos and resorts feature artificial plants.

Several of the largest and most well-known casinos and resorts on The Strip feature projects created by our artisans. They include:

  • Mandalay Bay, a $2 million project that we worked on for more than two years. It was completed in 1999 and features a Polynesian paradise theme. (The Plantworks received a National Grand Award from the Associated Landscape Contractors of America for the project.)
  • The Mirage, the Dome Atrium
  • Hawaiian Market Place, completed in 2004. The centerpiece of the outdoor market is the 40-foot-tall artificial Banyan Tree, which was built on-site.
  • Wynn Resorts, the Buffet. The Plantworks built seven 22-foot-tall cast iron topiaries of artificial flowers, fruit and vegetables.

The Plantworks worked with Steve Wynn, other casino owners, and designers who felt that choosing artificial plants was a wise decision. Whether for water conservation purposes or because the casinos had poor interior sunlight, they felt artificial plants made good sense from a business perspective. The results on the listed projects were – and continue to be – nothing but praise.

Interiorscapers nationwide – not just in Las Vegas and not just in casinos – are using more and more artificial plants in their designs. Why?

One, there are more design options with artificial plants. Because they are not real, they are not beholden to the limitations of sunlight or shading. They can be used in any temperature setting.

Two, artificial plants can be a cost-effective alternative for the client. They are virtually maintenance-free.

Three, artificial plants are becoming more widely accepted in the mainstream. In many cases, they look better than the real plants and are a more sensible alternative. The artificial plants and trees sold by TreeScapes & PlantWorks look as realistic as possible.

Four, they do not require water and are self-contained. In our eco-conscious, over-worked atmosphere, this is a positive.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks is an award-winning interiorscape company with over 50 combined years of experience in the industry. We feature the very best designers, plantscapers, and master tree builders to work with you and your company on any budget to achieve the desired goal.

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