How To Save Water

TreeScapes & PlantWorks has locations in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Miami. Las Vegas is one of the largest Western cities in the country and is surrounded by a desert region. For a city famous for its casinos and nightlife, it, too, has its suburban lawns, green gardens, and golf courses. Water conservation is an issue for this desert town. The hot climates in Southern California and Florida mean that water conservation is a priority for all of our

Like other drought-prone areas of the country, or others simply trying to save money, what are some ways to save water?

Well, for one, take a look at your garden and the plants that are being used in it. How much water are you using on a daily or weekly basis? Is there a way to cut back? Re-examine the plants, flowers, shrubs and trees being used. Are they natural to the eco-system? Perhaps it’s time to redesign the plantscaping and go with something more ecologically friendly, particularly for an area that goes weeks or months without water.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and installer of lifelike artificial plants and trees. Artificial foliage does not require water, not one drop. And, they’re virtually maintenance free. They do not require pruning, fertilizers, picking up fallen leaves or stems. You will never have to worry about bugs, other insects, or pets being attracted to these plants or trees. You’ll never have to use additional water to clean up afterward.

Artificial plants and trees will save you money over time – a lot of money, money on water, money on fertilizer, money on time, and money on labor costs. These plants and trees are here to stay. You won’t have to replace them if they die, because they will not. Lifelike artificial plants and tree retain their shape, color, and size over time. They are a worthwhile investment, particularly for drought-prone areas where plants and trees are more prone to die in dry seasons.

Here’s another money tip on how to save water: buy a succulent or a cactus plant. Succulents or cacti retain their water in their leaves and stems. They are naturally suited for arid or desert-prone environments. Succulents or cacti do not need to be watered as frequently as other types of plants or shrubs.

You can also try artificial succulents or cacti for those areas outside the desert. They do not require water and will not die. There are dozens of varieties and shapes to choose from in native habitat replicas. Experiment with something new and different.