How Our Trees Are Handcrafted

Every artificial tree made by TreeScapes & PlantWorks is unique in and of itself. They are handcrafted by teams of master tree builders at our locations in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Miami. There, our master tree builders custom design artificial trees up to heights of 30 feet tall.

Lead master tree builder Baltazar Chavez brings more than a quarter century of experience manufacturing artificial trees to the table. His team of five master tree builders has more than a decade of additional experience each creating realistic replica trees for your business, home or retail establishment.

Tree building is an art form, a skill. Think of a colonial town and the artisan skills that you would encounter: blacksmith, printer, baker or butcher. A tree builder – a master tree builder – is a skill that TreeScapes & PlantWorks uses to its utmost in creating one-of-a-kind artificial trees that look so real you would swear they are the real thing until you touch them. We are an award-winning, nationally recognized company with multimillion-dollar contracts based in large part because of how our trees are handcrafted.

Plantworks uses real wood for its trunks, including curly willow and Manzanita. The first phase is to shape the trunk into a realistic-looking replica of whatever type of tree will be used, and then to insert branches and leaves by hand into the trunk. The branches and leaves are hand shaped and hand-drilled into the authentic trunk. There are no machines used, only people.

Each trunk is handled individually by one tree builder at a time. This is not a production line style of manufacturing! Every tree is created on its own for that unique look that is found in nature.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks management compared the production of artificial trees at the company to an old-world “cottage industry” and reiterated that no machinery is involved. The younger tree builders learn from the elder tree builders with more experience, and each artificial tree is a labor of love, a “whole craftsman” form created by hand of high-quality, high-durability goods that will last a lifetime.