Commercial Cost Savings With Artificial Plantings

How much money can you save with artificial plants versus real, live ones?

Factor in the commercial costs.

First and foremost, real plants need water. Bottom line. Depending on the size of the project and the plants involved, the amount of water needed to continue feeding the plants after installation adds up. Increased water gallons translate into increased water costs on your company’s monthly and annual water bills.

Now, granted, some plants do not need to be watered every day. Gardeners and maintenance crews may choose to water plants every other day or once a week, depending on the type of plant or species. A succulent or cactus will not need to be watered as often as a tropical plant. Still, live plants are alive and will need to be watered. Artificial plants are not alive and will never need water.

In areas of the United States that are drought-prone – such as our offices in Las Vegas and San Diego – companies may want to consider their water usage and find ways to conserve.

Another item to consider when dealing with water: If overwatered, live plants can die. They will need to be replaced. Flooring can be damaged. The containers that hold the live plants can be ruined as well.

Secondly, because artificial plants are not alive, they are virtually maintenance-free. The gardener and maintenance staff needed to prune live plants, upkeep them, and remove the bugs. Artificial plants do not attract bugs or other pests. They will not need pesticides – another way to cut costs by eliminating the chemicals.

Thirdly, artificial plants will not need to be replaced after they die or change color. Their leaves do not change shape or fall off. They do not increase or decrease in size over time. These plants come fully “grown” and will remain that size throughout their span, in the exact same shape, color and size as the moment of installation. Live plants will need to be replaced.

We add fire retardant for additional safety protection, which is something not every live plant has.

Our products are also UV rated for colorfastness, to ensure greater color over time. This will allow for longer shelf life for the artificial plants we sell and richer color, particularly for our external palm trees.

Not every live plant will work in your business or home. However, our design staff will custom build and custom design artificial plants and trees for your needs.

Commercial Artificial Trees
Commercial Artificial Trees