2021 Hospitality Design Trend: Continued Social Distancing

Continued Social Distancing

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There’s no doubt that social distancing is sticking around for a while longer, and most businesses have already adjusted to accommodate this. Many of the measures put in place in 2020, though, were intended to be temporary. Companies now see the need to reconfigure or upgrade their existing safety precautions.

“Some health and safety measures will probably become permanent. Even when COVID-19 disappears completely from the planet – assuming that it will – industry experts expect sanitation measures introduced in 2020 to remain the new standard.”

-Colman Andrews, Restaurants Adapt to the New Normal: 20 Ways Dining Out May Change in 2021 and Beyond

Utilitarian barriers, roped-off dining areas, and quick-print safety instructions are likely to change dramatically. Unsightly barricades made from spare chairs or hastily arranged structures will be replaced with sleek acrylic partitions, vibrant green walls, and freshly constructed high-back booths. Professional signage and collateral, from takeout menus to floor stickers, will better represent brands.

“Consider using greenery indoors as dividers between seating areas or find other ways to layer in natural elements, like preserved moss gardens or succulents.”

Wayfair Releases 2021 Design Trends, Inspire Design

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