2021 Hospitality Design Trend: Social Media Appeal

Social Media Appeal

Copy of Social Media Appeal Banner

Instaworthy design elements have been central for quite a few years, but they’ve taken on a new value in 2021. Hospitality in the 2020s is all about social media appeal! With travel and leisure time limited, and fewer guests overall, establishments need to offer as much as possible.

“Having long since recognized guests’ affinity towards snapping pics to post on social media, hospitality enterprises are stepping up their game.”

EHL’s Top 10 Hospitality Industry Trends for 2021, Hotel Business

Adding photo-friendly spots gives you more of “one stop shop” appeal, allowing visitors to maximize their limited options. You’re no longer just a hotel or a restaurant with outdoor seating – you’re a destination worth documenting.

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“Many of the top hotels are starting to design their hotels in ways that make them perfect Instagram photo moments. A design tactic like this makes sense in a time when younger guests often post pics of their vacations on Instagram.

Setting up rooms and common areas that look intriguing and appealing can do a lot for a hotel’s business and brand, especially when seen by millions around the world.”

Top 7 Hospitality Design Trends That Will Matter in 2o21, BuildCentral

There’s another advantage to these curated spaces: they’re ideal filming spots for your own content. Cooking classes, how-to and behind-the-scenes videos, community updates, and staff spotlights will all help hospitality establishments stay in sync with their customers.

“You will see restaurants create a lot more videos and behind-the-scenes coverage. It’s important to establish a connection with a business, its owners, and its team, especially during these tough times.”

21 (Delicious) Food and Dining Trends Coming Your Way in 2021, According to Food Experts, Real Simple

Our stunning Artificial Flower Walls and Vertical Gardens are consistently included in articles about the most Insta-worthy, appealing social media spots in big cities like Las Vegas and London. They’ve become so popular, in fact, that we released a free white paper titled “How to Make the Next Instagrammable Space”. They’re incredibly photogenic and offer genuine appeal.

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