2021 Hospitality Design Trend: Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

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“Natural elements and earth tones tend to have a calming, grounding effect and will continue to be relevant as guests consider their overall wellness as part of their stay.”

Wayfair Releases 2021 Design Trends, Inspire Design

You’ve heard it here before, but it still stands true: Biophilic Design has universal, classic appeal. 2020 made this trend even more popular, though, because many of us suddenly lacked access to nature. People have been craving ways to feel connected to the outside world, and horticultural décor has the power to do that.

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Real, living plants and trees are prime examples of biophilic design, but they’re just one element among many. Artificial plants and flowers, landscape paintings, earth tones, and organic materials can all connect us to nature while we’re still indoors.

“Green plants used in various solutions – from the usual arrangement in tubs to decorating the walls in the lobby with greenery and moss – are called upon to revive the interiors of hotels and create the right mood today.”

Hotel Design 2021: The Latest Trends in the Hospitality Industry, Hackrea

There are other, practical benefits to these types of natural décor. The following are true of many of the above options, and our Fabricated and Replica Trees, Plants, and Florals in particular:

  • Little to no upkeep, including no need for watering
  • No pollen or grass that may trigger allergies
  • No natural smells that may detract from the scent of food
  • Easily moved around, providing versatility
  • Inherently Fire Retardant and/or Ultraviolet Inhibited foliage
  • Consistent natural beauty that will never dry out, die, or rot

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