2021 Hospitality Design Trend: Art Platforms

Art Platforms

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2020 prompted many hospitality companies to branch out and seek additional services or offerings for their clients. One popular result of this has been restaurants and hotels turning into art galleries.

By providing a platform for artistic endeavors, they increase their overall appeal and set themselves apart from the competition. Popular art forms include traditional paintings and photography, as well as murals, vertical gardens, live music, and fashion design.

“Look for a major rebound from eatertainment concepts and other places promising a rich experience. After lifting meal after meal out of a takeout or delivery box, consumers are going to want forms of entertainment and a sense of submersion when they dine outside the home in safer times.”

Predictions for 2021: Will Things be Better or Worse?, Restaurant Business

The art platform concept benefits the community and the guests, but it also offers big advantages to hotels, restaurants, and casinos. Ever-changing decor and exhibits provide a solid reason for guests to visit and revisit, time and time again. If one exhibition doesn’t resonate with guests, it can be refreshed or replaced with something more appealing. This can be a way to discover new guest preferences and find new customers.

“One of the most striking trends in hotel design for 2021 proposes to bring art to the maximum in the hotel industry… As a result, the interior of the common areas in the hotel is changed every few months.”

Hotel Design 2021: The Latest Trends in the Hospitality Industry, Hackrea

The concept of art displays in hospitality establishments ties in neatly with the concept of creating an “Instagram-worthy” space. There’s no question about the importance of social media appeal in 2021. Making Insta-friendly walls, displays, and interactive exhibits adds an experiential element to your establishment.

‘“A hotel will no longer succeed if it’s just a place to sleep,” says Michael Schneider, Senior Experience Designer and AV Technical Strategist with ESI Design, in New York City. The goal is to provide guests with distinctive moments and memories. “It’s about creating iconic experiences, Instagramable moments,” adds ESI’s Greg Gallimore, the firm’s Director of Media Architecture.’”

6 Trends Shaping Smart Hotels, Building Design & Construction

This trend can conflict with the current desire – and need – for social distancing. But, it’s easy to find ways to incorporate art without compromising safety. Consider a live band or DJ for your outdoor dining area, or create a large open area where guests can take selfies without crowding. Or, go for a more targeted approach. Make each room, table, or section have a different theme, or a different work by the same artist.

However you proceed, we’re happy to help you incorporate art into your business. We’ve created artificial green walls, vertical gardens, treescapes, flower walls, and social distancing space dividers, among many other things. We can help you plan, or just bring your creative vision to reality!