Schools & Libraries

School & Library Tree & Plant Projects

Schools and libraries pair perfectly with Artificial Trees and Plants! We’ve provided Custom Tree creations and Replica Plants for a variety of schools and libraries, for students and guests of all ages.

Our Treehouses for Kids are popular in schools and libraries, and they’ve become a specialty of ours. Southfield Public Library in Michigan, for example, features a trio of trees that form a Treehouse and play area for the children’s books section.

The Fabricated Trees were designed to be wider and shorter than real trees, so they would fit in the allotted space. There’s a rope gated path around the center tree and lots of whimsical decor accents. Little details, like the red parrot high in the tree, or the handmade “Watch for Fireflies” sign, bring this dream space to life.

Midland Centennial Library in Texas, on the other hand, wanted to create a space that appealed to all of their patrons. We incorporated Fabricated Black Olive, Magnolia, and Sugar Maple trees into the building, which used to be a retail space. The trees were used to conceal load-bearing columns and create aesthetic appeal.

These realistic trees don’t just conceal structural elements, though. Guests can sit in comfortable chairs around the tree trunks, enjoying a cozy reading spot. The botanically accurate details give the library a chance to educate, with information on native trees and local geography. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they inspire imaginative play among children.

Colleges and universities have also called upon us to add Plants and Trees to their classrooms, offices, lobbies, and rooftops. Kennesaw State University in Georgia had us install a wide variety of products, including Replica Birch Trees, Replica Golden Weeping Bamboo, Replica Black Olive Trees, Replica Reeds, and Fabricated Exterior Boxwood Hedges. The end result is a clean, calming space that is conducive to studying and socializing.