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Sugar Skull Floral Walls for Las Vegas Restaurant

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Sugar Skull Floral Walls for Las Vegas Restaurant

Have you been to Vegas recently? Many haven’t visited because of the pandemic, but the city has lots of new features to explore when you’re ready! We had the honor of creating Floral Art Walls for a new Mexican restaurant at a Vegas casino.

Casa Calavera at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas offers a unique, toes-in-the-sand experience, right in the middle of downtown Las Vegas. Feel like you’re dining at an authentic Mexican restaurant right on the beach, without even leaving the strip!

One piece of flower art was an arching garland that frames the top of a sugar skull inspired art piece. The next is a huge sugar skull floral green wall!

This stunning art piece is part cultural tribute, part visual appeal, and part selfie station. It captures the essence of the restaurant and offers guests a unique feature that can’t be found anywhere else. Our replica flowers were used to create a beautiful piece that will never age, rot, or wilt. Plus, there’s no need for water to keep it fresh!

Here’s one early review on the skull decor:

The hotel’s Día de los Muertos-themed Mexican restaurant, Casa Calavera, is clearly hoping you will choose the massive skull throne they’ve built outside of the restaurant to memorialize your visit on Instagram.


And it is a good spot. But if you’re planning to visit the restaurant, might we suggest posing next to the larger, brighter skull made of multicolored marigolds, located in the entrance hallway?

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