Natural Birch and Artificial Plants at Tulalip Resort Casino

Natural Birch and Artificial Plants at Tulalip Resort Casino

Cedars Cafe Entrance at Tulalip Casino
Faux Equisetum Reed Plants at Tulalip Casino
Tulalip Cedars Cafe Sign
Tulalip Casino Birch and Moss Balls
Tulalip Casino Spa Interior
Birch Trees at Tulalip Spa
Tulip Spa Couples Massage Room
Birch Branches and Moss Balls
Tulalip Casino Seating Area
Tulalip Casino Reception
Tulalip Cedars Cafe Sign girded by Natural Birch Tree trunks
Tulalip Cedars Cafe Sign with Natural Birch Tree trunks
Cedars Cafe Dining at Tulalip Casino
Artificial Horsetail Reed at Tulalip
Tulalip Casino Hallway
Tulalip Casino Walkway
Artificial Reed at Tulalip Casino
Decorative Birch Branches
Birch Branches in Glass
Moss Balls and Artificial Plants
Moss Balls, Birch Branches, and Stones

Natural Birch and Artificial Plants at Tulalip Resort Casino

The Tulalip Tribe in the State of Washington opened their eponymous resort and casino to rave reviews and numerous awards. We worked with the tribe and their design team to provide an assortment of stylish interior artificial plantings. Our team custom-built the design to incorporate the natural landscape of the Puget Sound area, using Birch, Aspen, and artificial Equisetum.

The Tulalip Resort Casino project gave us the opportunity to bring the outdoors inside using real, Natural Birch Tree trunks and an assortment of Artificial Plants. The Tulalip Resort, operated by the Tulalip tribes, is in Washington state and features a restaurant and spa.

Equisetum, also known as Horsetails, or Horsetail Reed, was another component of the Tulalip project. The plant grows naturally in Washington, where Tulalip is located. Our artisans custom-designed an interior landscape special for the project.

In addition to providing commercial-grade Artificial Grass, Moss, and Horsetail Reed, our team also reinforced that property’s rustic wood accent look by employing sporadic use of artificial rock and real wooden tree trunks and branches.

The interior spaces of the spa are redefined in an open way with repeating plantings behind glass walls, continuing in the natural feel of the design. Note the installation of authentic river rock as a top dressing to complete the theme.

The use of salt cedar and moss balls can be used in many applications. TreeScapes & PlantWorks designs, installs, and specifies interior plantscapes for the gaming, hospitality, interior design, and themed entertainment markets.


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