Theme Parks | Fabricated Banyan Tree for Zoo

Fabricated Banyan Tree for Zoo

Fabricated Banyan Tree with Zoo Sea Lion
Fabricated Banyan Tree at Zoo with Sea Lion and Trainers
Fabricated Banyan Tree at Zoo as stage prop
Fabricated Banyan Tree close up
Fabricated Banyan Tree in Zoo Animal presentation setting

Fabricated Banyan Tree for Zoo

One of our favorite original projects was when a world-famous zoo called upon TreeScapes & PlantWorks to create a fabricated exterior tree for their amphitheater! The zoo needed a low-maintenance, realistic-looking tree for the stage area, and we were happy to oblige. It has long served as a theater for animal and trainer shows, demonstrations, and interactive events.

The project called for a big fake tree, and for good reason. Why “big”? A big tree was needed for this big outdoor stage, to look realistic, fill the space well, and act as a backdrop for wild animals. Why “fake”? A fake tree was ideal because it requires no upkeep, is durable and weather-resistant, and could be custom-fabricated to the client’s exact specifications. It fit perfectly with the other elements of the on-stage environment.

The area is hot and sunny for the majority of the year, so it was crucial that we provide them with a tree that could withstand the elements. Our durable, handcrafted Artificial Banyan Tree features Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) foliage that is proven to withstand fading or damage from sun exposure.

We also make big fake trees for animals that aren’t in zoos, like our Custom Fabricated Cat Trees. Contact us for more information on artificial trees and plants for your space.