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Cruise Ships

Outdoor Artificial Coconut Palms on a Cruise Ship
Ficus Fabricated Trees
Stunning Artificial Coconut Palm Trees on a Cruise Ship
Beautiful setting with Artificial Palm Trees on a cruise ship

International TreeScapes’ interior and exterior artificial horticultural creations have been enjoying a permanent vacation for over 20 years, sailing the seven seas on pleasure cruises. Our cruise ship designs can be seen adorning dining halls, casinos, spas, and pool-­side decks, TreeScapes products have serviced the cruise line industry by providing a wide variety of Inherently Fire Retardant and UV Inhibited products that meet a ship’s ever-changing itineraries, climates and seasonal needs. These ocean liners have long been a proponent of artificial trees and plants, which require less maintenance, no water and typically weigh less than live plants. Even more, they are perfect solutions for concealing ships’ unattractive maintenance equipment and numerous unsightly support beams while still contributing to ships’ unique design themes. All cruise lines strive to differentiate themselves from the others; each seeks its own style, design, and traveler experience, luring vacationers to their vessels and away from their competitors.


TreeScapes’ array of traditional and botanically accurate products to its contemporary and imaginative creations provides designers with a wide selection of options to realize their visions and customize each ship. We pride ourselves on our capability to keep our cruise ship design creations new, different and always changing.


In addition, many of International TreeScapes’ exterior products have been specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of a cruise ship on high seas. In particular, our exterior palms that adorn the decks of multiple active cruise ships, such as our Coconut, Date and Queen Palms, have been engineered and lab tested to ensure these products stand up against extreme temperature, sunlight, humidity, wind, rain, snow, and ice without becoming faded, frayed, or structurally weak. New designs and testing on our palm trees have included:

  • A new frond design which helps prevent punctures and tears, extending the lifespan
  • Wind Tunnel Tested up to 125 MPH (201 KM/H)
  • Ultraviolet Lab Tested for over 1,000 hours
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