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International TreeScapes™

TreeScapes is a member of the International GreenScapes family of companies

Inspired by our extraordinary line of hand-crafted products, proprietary processes, innovation and unwavering commitment to outstanding service, our talented team of professionals welcomes the opportunity to create Preserved, Custom-Fabricated and Natural Trunk Reproduction Trees, Plants and Florals for you or your customers.
As manufacturers, we utilize the latest engineering techniques, Inherently Fire Retardant (“IFR”) and Ultraviolet Inhibiting (“UVI”) materials and independent laboratory testing to thrust our unique line of products to the forefront of the industry. We constantly challenge ourselves to create interior and exterior products that not only meet but exceed the most stringent durability and safety standards. In addition, our capabilities can span the wide spectrum between remarkable realism and horticultural fantasy as we hand-craft products that are all visually stunning. Create your ideal fake treescape, indoor or outdoors, with our help!


TreeMendous Advantages of Artificial Plants & Trees

No need for watering | No need for fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides | No need for pruning/trimming

No root rot or growth problems | No need for soil | No need for interior sunlight or temperature control

Perfect for weight load restricted areas | Perfect for difficult environments | Perfect for reducing maintenance costs

Perfect for concealing lighting, audio and video systems | Perfect for concealing building and plumbing components

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We Won Again!

2016 ADEX Award-Winning Products


The Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) is the largest and most prestigious

awards program for product & project design in the Art & Design industry.


Gold Cherry Blossom Tree

artificial cherry blossom tree, artificial cherry blossom tree with lights
Inspired by Chinese New Year, TreeScapes created a fabricated Golden Cherry Blossom Tree.
Available in custom sizes, colors and shapes, this artificial cherry blossom tree features an Inherently Fire Retardant trunk
and utilizes TreeScapes’ proprietary Ultraleaf-IFR foliage. Additional custom features include
three display stumps that extend from the trunk of the tree and integrated LED lighting.

Double Spiral Juniper Topiary

Artificial Spiral Topiary Tree, Artificial Juniper Trees by International TreeScapes
Assembled on a hand-crafted steel frame, our UltraLeaf™ foliage follows two opposing spiral paths
that wind around a center mast, creating a bold, imposing and strikingly beautiful topiary.
The Double Spiral Juniper Topiary is available with Preserved foliage, Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI)
exterior foliage or our Inherently Fire Retardant interior (IFR) foliage. It’s the perfect middle ground between a fake tree & plants!


Mixed Medium Vertical Gardens

We proudly present these award winning and extremely unique vertical gardens as well as a host
of similar designs, that celebrate the diverse customs, costumes and cultures found around the world.
As with any product created by Treescapes, we can conform the material, foliage, size or shape
used in the construction of your horticultural masterpiece, so as to meet your specific needs.
All of our Vertical Gardens can be manufactured with Preserved, Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR)
or Ultraviolet Inhibiting (UVI) foliage.

Our artificial cherry blossom trees, artificial green walls, and artistic horticultural creations have won ADEX awards for 5 straight years!

See the fake trees, plants, and indoor/outdoor decor that have been wowing judges since 2015. Create your own treescape with these award winners, or choose other amazing fake trees from our extensive collection.