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Warehouse Crew Carrying Preserved Date Palm Tree Trunk

Artificial Tree & Plant Customization Options

Customization Options:

TreeScapes offers an unparalleled list of customization options to assist our clients in designing their products and realizing their visions. The following is a sampling of customization options available to help meet specifications for any project.

Foliage Density – TreeScapes offers three foliage density options for our Reproduction and Fabricated product lines.

  • ‘Open and Lacey’ is our lightest density option and is ideal for areas where light penetration and sight lines need to remain open.
  • ‘Designer Select’ is a medium density option and is our most popular density choice.
  • ‘Signature Series’ is our most dense foliage option and is often used as a space divider or to block out light.

Foliage Shape – TreeScapes’ Replica Tree products are available with three different shape options:

  • Canopy Style
  • Columnar Style
  • Vase Style

Though these are International TreeScapes’ most common shapes for Replica products, they are not limited to these options.

Size – All of International TreeScapes’ products, including our museum-quality hedges, floral baskets, cypresses and artificial walls, are custom-built to meet the client’s size specifications.  Our Replica trees typically range from 4 feet to 24 feet in height; however, if a tree is specified for over 24 feet in overall height, we usually recommend our Fabricated product line where there are no diameter, shape, width or height limitations.

Trunk – Each TreeScapes fabricated trunk is hand-crafted to meet the size, texture, color and shape as specified by the customer. Our museum-quality replica trees in our TreeProduction line of products are constructed with all-natural, wood tree trunks and can be ordered with either single-stem or multi-stem trunks. In addition, we can upgrade the multi-stem trunk to our exotic ‘Mystic Timber’ stems.

Green Products

International TreeScapes’ products contribute to the acquisition of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits for green building certification. TreeScapes’ products assist clients accumulate credits in the following categories:

Water Efficiency (WE) Credits – TreeScapes’ products require absolutely no water.

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credits – Pesticides are never needed for maintenance of TreeScapes’ products, maintaining air quality by not introducing toxins.

Materials and Resources (MR) Credits –  Select TreeScapes designs incorporate natural and/or recycled plant materials.

Preservation Process

Fresh cut palm fronds are collected from our growing grounds here in California and immediately brought to our manufacturing facility where they are placed into a trough containing our proprietary preservation solution. The fronds draw up the solution, replacing the water in their cells with the preservative.  Although the ingredients in the preservation solution are proprietary, they include a humectant to keep the leaves soft, a fire retardant for safety, and dyes to keep the leaves green.  It takes approximately two weeks to completely preserve a frond. During this time, the preservation solution “immortalizes” the frond while maintaining its life-like appearance and feel.  The leaves are dried for at least 60 days before they are used. Once fully preserved, a frond will appear life-like for many years after preservation. In addition, TreeScapes preserves live juniper and boxwood bushes, capturing the small details of organic plant material in a lifelike state.

Product Features

Product Testing

As it is our mission to provide the highest quality, safest product on the market, we perform several tests to ensure these standards.

  • Fire Testing – TreeScapes conducts three separate fire tests on our products. The California Title 19 test has been conducted on our Preserved and our commercial grade, interior UltraLeaf-IFR and Replica foliage. ASTM E-84 tests have been run on our Preserved foliage and our fabricated bark. NFPA 701 tests have been conducted on our Preserved, Replica and Fabricated foliage.
  • Wind Tunnel Testing – TreeScapes has wind tunnel tested our Exterior Palm Fronds up to 125 MPH and our Exterior Italian Cypress Style concealment wraps up to 150 MPH.
  • Accelerated Environmental Testing – TreeScapes has conducted ASTM G-155 testing on our exterior foliage.  During these tests, our foliage was exposed to over 2,000 hours of misting and xenon light exposure.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Testing – RF testing has been conducted on all wireless concealment products, ensuring RF Transparency meets or exceeds the wireless service provider’s site requirements.

In addition, we will engineer our fabricated products to ensure safety, reduce/eliminate hazards, and meet construction codes and regulations.


Commercial projects, including hotels, casinos, office building, retails establishments, hospitals, etc,, require the use of fire retardant furniture, fixtures and equipment.  International TreeScapes is a world leader in the manufacturing of Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) products.  Our IFR foliage and plant materials undergo a process by which fire retardant chemicals are impregnated into the materials during the manufacturing process.  Our IFR products have been tested and comply with California Title 19, NFPA 701, U.S. Government SIN-494-4 flammability code and qualifies as a NFPA Class A or UBC Class 1 fire retardant material as tested by ASTME 84-95.

Ultraviolet INHIBITED

Our Ultra Violet Inhibited (UVI) UltraLeaf-X exterior foliage is manufactured with a proprietary chemical that is impregnated into the fibers of the foliage.  This chemical directly inhibits the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. UV light alters the physical characteristics of polyethylene (PE). It does this by breaking the carbon and hydrogen bonds, creating free radicals, which in turn break the PE into shorter molecules and thus a more brittle polymer. Effectively, UV light creates a higher melt index polyethylene especially on the exposed surface area. This shows up as a reduction in break elongation and impact properties typical of higher melt index PE. The subsequent attachment of oxygen to these broken sites leads to further accelerated degradation and the formation of oxidized species such as carbonyl and carboxyl structures which are often used as analytical indicators of UV degradation. When product testing TreeScapes’ UVI exterior foliage, we exposed our UltraLeaf-X foliage to over 2,000 hours of UV light and document zero product degradation.

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