Custom Tree and Plant Projects

TreeScapes & PlantWorks have created hundreds of Custom Tree and Plant projects over the past several decades, and we get new custom requests each day. We love the challenge of meeting specs and seeing how we can maximize impact within the required parameters!

Some projects feature realistic looking Custom Trees and Custom Plants. They can be adjusted a little or a lot, depending on your preferences. You can choose bark from one kind of tree, and foliage from another, to make whatever hybrid creation you can dream up. Our SushiSamba Custom Tree is the perfect example. It features Fabricated Oak bark and Fabricated Banyan foliage. The customization doesn’t end there, though. It’s also completely wired and adorned with hundreds of twinkling string lights.

Oh, and did we mention that the entire larger-than-life tree is completely orange? We used the SushiSamba logo’s specific shade of orange to create a statement piece that perfectly accents the brand and environment.

Other Custom projects are purely artistic, and our creations are carefully crafted by hand to meet these needs. Examples include a dramatic Tree of Life that was made for Mi Vida Mexican Restaurant. Our tree was accented by hand carved, hand painted leaves done by a renowned artist. We’ve also made a pure white Mangrove Tree statue that brings a different type of appeal.

The most fun custom requests are probably Custom Treehouses and Library Trees. We’ve created and installed many pieces for children’s reading areas in particular, and Treehouses are a perfect way to accent that kind of space. We can customize the design of a Fabricated Tree to include a sturdy treehouse, pathways, hidden nooks, play areas, and more! Our trees are also used for column concealment. We create Custom Column Concealment Tree Wraps that make structural support look like natural trees in a forest!