Specialty Tree & Plant Projects

Specialty projects by TreeScapes & PlantWorks feature our custom made designs that bring your vision to reality!

Specialty Trees and Plants are frequently requested by our clients, because they appreciate the customization options available. You can come to us with a fully formed idea, complete with specs, or just some inspiration and ideas.

We work with our clients to custom craft the perfect Trees and Plants for their needs. This may include making an Artistic Tree, like the Tree of Life Sculpture we created for Mi Vida Mexican Restaurant. We created the steel trunk and branches, and a talented artist hand carved and painted the bright leaves.

Other artistic pieces opt for minimalism, like our unique White Mangrove Sculpture. If you prefer a more dramatic design, consider something like our Custom Specialty Tree for SushiSamba in London.

This extraordinary tree features a Fabricated Oak Tree Trunk with Fabricated Banyan Tree Foliage. The tree isn’t a regular shade of green, though…it’s made in the exact shade of orange as the SushiSamba logo and branding!

School and Library Trees are also commonly done as custom designs. Each client wants something different for their patrons to enjoy. Midland Centennial Library went with our ultra realistic Sugar Maple, Magnolia, and Black Oak Trees as column concealment. These Specialty Library Trees serve as decor and educational exhibits.

Southfield Public Library in Michigan went a different direction with their Custom Fabricated Kids’ Treehouse. Three fabricated trees converge, offering plenty of spaces to run, hide, and play on.

Sometimes a Specialty Tree is a must-have item because a living tree simply won’t work for the job. This was the case with the Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree we created for the Memoirs of a Geisha film set.

The Cherry Blossom Tree is a central element to the plot of Memoirs of a Geisha, but real Cherry Blossoms don’t work well for movie production. They only bloom for one to two weeks a year, but this story required full blooms for the duration of filming. Our Fabricated Tree was the perfect way to display the natural beauty without any of the drawbacks.