Film & TV

Film, TV, and Stage Tree & Plant Projects

TreeScapes & PlantWorks have created trees and plants for many various movie, television, and theater productions. These range from small background plants on reality shows, to huge statement trees on film and stage sets!

TV trees and plants include Oak Tree Concealment Column Wraps for QVC, a Custom Green Wall for the Property Brothers, and Faux Agave Plants for Bar Rescue. We’ve also created trees for theater productions, like the Mascagni opera Cavalleria Rusticana.

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees by TreeScapes & PlantWorks are a favorite among our clients in film and production. We created a Custom Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree for the Amazon Studios premiere of ‘The Handmaiden’, a Japanese/Korean film. It was on display for the Los Angeles premiere showing and the after-party, and there was even a customized cherry blossom SnapChat filter made to match.

Another notable film tree is the Fabricated Cherry Blossom from Memoirs of a Geisha. It was 32 feet tall and played an important role in the plot and theme of the film. One advantage of using faux trees in film and television involves bloom times.

Cherry Blossom Trees, for example, have beautiful white and pink blossoms, but they only bloom for about two weeks each year. This is not practical for a large production that may take months or years to complete.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks contribute to other artistic pieces regularly. We have provided Faux Trees, Flowers, and Plant Foliage for the Bellagio Conservatory in Las Vegas. They choose a new theme each season and create elaborate displays of real and artificial horticultural.

Our Custom Green Walls have become popular for photo shoot backdrops as well. One such project involved singer Luis Fonsi posing for Haute Living magazine. Vertical Gardens and Fake Trees by TreeScapes & PlantWorks bring beauty, texture, and intrigue to any image or location. Contact us today for assistance with your own Film and Stage Tree or Plant projects.