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Business and Office Building Tree & Plant Projects

Business and Office Building Trees and Plants have always been in style, but modern designers often prefer faux products to the real thing. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the presence of plants and greenery in the office improves employee productivity and reduces stress. There’s an interesting twist, though – the Office Trees and Plants don’t have to be real to generate those results!

Biophilic Design principles note that the presence of natural materials, imagery, and living plants all appeal to humans on a fundamental level. Living plants and trees certainly qualify, but just looking at Artificial Trees, or a painting of flowers, for example, can have the same effect.

Our Office Trees and Plants offer other advantages, too, like no allergy concerns, and no need for maintenance. All of the positive effects of a beautiful living plant are negated if your employees or customers can’t breathe well or stay long enough to appreciate it.

Dead and dying plants also detract from the joy of horticultural decor. Many companies hire gardening teams to tend to their Interior Plants and Trees, but this isn’t always a realistic option. The problem can be completely avoided by opting for Faux Flowers, Plants, and Trees.

These updated versions of “Silk Flowers” are forever in bloom and require no upkeep. There’s no need to worry about appropriate water levels, pruning, or repotting with an Artificial Plant. Just dust it occasionally and you’re set for years!

Notable examples of Plants and Trees for Businesses and Offices include Datran Center in Florida. This office complex lobby is completely done with our Replica and Fabricated products. Preserved Palm Trees, and Replica Grass, Succulents, Ivy, Bushes, and Ferns are on display at the front entrance and surrounding the central escalator.

Our Replica and Fabricated Boxwood Hedges also work well for businesses and are often used to divide cubicle space. Employees enjoy being able to look at greenery all day instead of blank cubicle walls.