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Fabricated Ficus Tree
Artificial Black Olive Tree at Kennesaw Georgia School

Corporate business and office buildings have begun to modernize their construction and design to achieve a new level of beauty and sophistication. Architects are seeking to stray from stuffy, tight workspaces and are moving toward creating working environments that benefit employee wellness and productivity. The solution? Artificial Indoor office trees that bring the beauty of nature into the workplace, but without the maintenance.


Their ultimate goal is now trending toward providing a more natural environment for workers, laying out large, open meeting spaces and pulling in an abundance of natural light. To contribute to this more modern, natural feel, trees and plants are often a primary ornament for indoor and outdoor business spaces; yet, real estate and business owners find themselves facing restrictions on water and unexpectedly high costs for tree and plant maintenance.

With limited resources allotted for interior and exterior landscaping and maintenance, building owners and tenants who utilize our creations can find themselves with more time and money to run their business. Our collection of indoor office trees and plants has options for all budget levels and design concepts.


International TreeScapes’ interior and exterior fabricated, museum-quality reproduction and preserved products are the perfect solution to achieving a design with natural elements while eliminating the need for water, sunlight, pesticides, pruning and trimming, and various other maintenance requirements associated with live horticulture.

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