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Wireless Concealment

ltalian Cypress Cell Tower Concealment
Palm Tree Cell Phone Tower Concealment
Italian Cypress Rooftop Cell Tower Concealment

TreeScapes has been manufacturing Cellular Site and Tower Concealment products including Monopole Wraps, Branches and RF Transparent Antenna Wraps for over 20 years!

TreeScapes’ concealment products have been designed to meet and exceed rigid federal, state, municipal, association or cellular-owner established aesthetic standards.


  • Performance Tested – RF transparency (wraps), plus temperature and wind tested up to 120mph/195kph
  • High Quality Materials – Ultra Violet “UV” resistant, non-toxic, rugged construction to withstand nature’s most extreme elements
  • Specifications – Custom-built to your size, shape and unique design requirements
  • Adaptable – Products and parts that fill both new and legacy site needs

Wireless Concealment:

Column Cell Tower Concealment with Oak Tree



International TreeScapes can transform a monopole tower into a natural looking tree. The quality of our textures and skins will last for years and is second to none in realism. From palms to pines to eucalyptus style, our camouflage products have exceeded over 120 feet in height and have been tested to withstand harsh weather environments including wind, tower loading, heat, toxicity, and moisture. Additionally, our fronds have been tested and certified Radio Frequency (RF) transparent.


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Boxwood Topiary

Boxwood Hedges


Boxwood hedges are ideal for concealing small cell sites in heavily trafficked areas and within environmentally sensitive locations. With its Radio Frequency (RF) transparent, Ultraviolet (UV) resistant, non-toxic features, these hedges are the perfect solution for aesthetically pleasing storage compartments designed with easy access to equipment concealed within, such as HVAC, air conditioning, electrical boxes, and meters.


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Italian Cypress X-Ray Cell Concealment

Italian Cypress (Concealment)


Introducing the International TreeScapes’ Italian Cypress Style Wrap – a light weight, Radio Frequency (RF) transparent, and proprietary wrap that is rugged, realistic and easy to install. These wraps are an attractive urban camouflage tool, created to conceal cellular antennas, satellite dishes and related equipment in an environmentally tested and aesthetically pleasing design.


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Antenna Camouflage


International TreeScapes’ Antenna Wraps have camouflaged thousands of cellular antennae around the globe. Our RF transparent “sock” completely envelopes the face of the antenna with foliage, allowing it to operate with no discernible interference in the signal. The sock is available in multiple foliage types including: Pine, Elm, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Maple, etc.


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Pine Tree Branches Wireless Concealment

Replacement Branches


Durable, environmentally tested and Radio Frequency (RF) transparent, International TreeScapes’ replacements are available in multiple sizes, shapes and foliages, and our replacement branches can be attached to a large assortment of receptors for legacy sites.


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