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Treelusions™ by TreeScapes

TreeScapes Presents: TREELUSIONS™


Imagine treescapes of customized artificial year-round trees! Our TreeLusions™ trees are available in colors that follow the seasons, match a holiday, theme, special event or even your décor. We’ve made that remarkable concept a reality, and we call it TreeLusions™!

TreeLusionsby TreeScapes feature a custom-fabricated tree trunk, interchangeable branching, and a nearly endless array of foliage options. 


Our immensely talented artisans can create your tree in configurations that will change size, color, density, and/or shading in only a few minutes. Best of all, we construct these stunningly beautiful trees to your exact specifications, so you will never have to deal with “fitting square pegs into round holes”. Plus, these artificial trees have been environmentally tested and made with inherently fire retardant materials. Click here to learn more about IFR rated foliage.

For example, TreeLusions™ by TreeScapes can transform their appearances by replacing Green Oak branching and foliage with Fall Maple, Ficus Benjamina, Sequoia, Pine, Cherry Blossom, Weeping Willow, or even an imaginative/interpretative foliage design of your choosing; all within minutes. It’s a great way to keep your faux trees fresh and seasonal throughout the year. TreeLusions™ by TreeScapes provide options to match every mood, moment, and decor.

TreeScapes' Treelusions Specialty Fake Trees

Built for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, you no longer have to spend the funds to acquire, install and remove multiple trees in order to accomplish what this exceptional TreeScapes creation does by its very design. This unique innovation is all about convenience and cost-savings, yet it provides an impressive “wow” factor as it carries the high-quality DNA found in all of TreeScapes’ products.

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TreeScapes Environmentally Tested Products
TreeScapes Inherently Fire Retardant Quality Product

TreeLusions by TreeScapes – Welcome to the Future

Specialty Products by TreeScapes:

Camera Concealed in a Fabricated Birch Tree

Smart Trees™ 


Smart Trees™ by TreeScapes are the byproducts of integrating technology into International TreeScapes’ line of ultra-realistic fabricated plants and trees.  We often design them to display tablets, but Smart Trees™ also host radio equipment, speakers, cameras, LED lighting, and other types of computer equipment. Smart Trees™ are the next evolution in artificial horticultural creations and design. Click here to learn more about Smart Trees™ by TreeScapes.


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Custom Tiki made from Fabricated Palm Tree

Hand-Carved Tikis


Palm trees and tikis are the symbols and emblems of Polynesian design. However, authentic, hand-carved, wood tikis are often cost prohibitive. Each work of art is typically a unique design that requires crafting by a specialized artisan.


Such craftsmanship involves a lengthy, labor-intensive process. Alternatively, the majority of artificial tikis often seen at big box retail stores and in tourist traps upon the islands often sell inexpensive products that lack durability, texture and realism. International TreeScapes is proud to bridge the gap between the two ends of the spectrum, utilizing our in-house artisans and over 20 years of experience creating natural looking, artificial wood textures to develop our line of Hand-Carved Tikis.


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Fabricated Banyan Cat Tree

Cat Trees


International TreeScapes’ Cat Trees are cat homes and play areas that we custom craft to make to look like actual trees. They’re a great alternative to the common “cat tree,” which is usually a towering structure formed from plywood and faux fur. We can design our Cat Trees to meet any shape, size, and style you desire. Your new cat space can look either exceptionally realistic or completely whimsical – it’s up to you!


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Artificial Custom Coffee Table with Glass Top

Tree Furnishings


Tree Furnishings is International TreeScapes’ line of fabricated faux wood furniture.  When a design requires a natural, rustic feel but must avoid wood rotting, termite invasion and weight load restrictions, TreeScapes’ custom-fabricated furniture provides the perfect solution.  Our most popular product, the Tree Stump Table, is manufactured to your diameter and height specifications and is available in dozens of styles including Aleppo Pine, Cypress, Live Oak, Dogwood, and many others.


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Custom Kids Nest Treehouse



Every child dreams of having a treehouse to host his or her most imaginative adventures. Whether the structure is an imaginary home, transportation portal to far-off lands, or a jungle hideout, a treehouse inspires creativity and play. International TreeScapes designs unique treehouses in schools and libraries as playgrounds to foster imagination. Often times, a project also serves to conceal an unsightly or structural column.  Our engineers and artisans go beyond a typical columnar camouflage design to form a contained and isolated space for adventure and fun.


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