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Theme Parks

Exterior Artificial Banyan Tree at San Diego Zoo
Replica Boxwood Hedge at Ferrari World theme park
Fully Organic Italian Cypress Preserved Trees at Ferrari World theme park
Washingtonia Robusta Preserved Palm Trees at Ferrari World Theme Park

Regardless of the ride, attraction, or environment, TreeScapes can emphasize the theme of an amusement park and “wow” guests with our unbelievable, museum­-quality trees and plants. Because your imagination is our only limitation, our on­site team can design and construct any horticultural product to meet your size, shape, and color needs. We are able to incorporate lights, cameras, and audio systems within a design or mask generators, support columns, and wireless antennas with our array of camouflage and column concealment options. Our choices for amusement park and theme park designs are only limited by your imagination!


Our concealment products are Radio Frequency (RF) transparent, so any concern with wireless interference is completely eliminated. Additionally, our inherently fire retardant and ultra violet inhibited products provide low maintenance, environmentally clean and safe aesthetic features that add to the overall ambience and enjoyment of these facilities.

Whether our products align the tracks of roller coasters and thrill rides where maintenance access is restrictive, overhang above the ever­-growing lines of patrons, showering them with mist to stay cool, or serve as centerpieces on performance stages, providing shade to actors and animals, TreeScapes’ products are fixtures which provide countless benefits and cost­-savings to park operators. Let us invent an artificial tree theme park design unique to your park that is unlike any other in the world.

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