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Restaurant Plants: Bobby Flay’s Shark at the Palms

Restaurant plants can add color and life to any eatery. TreeScapes & PlantWorks were pleased to provide replica plants for Bobby Flay’s newest Vegas restaurant, Shark.


The chef’s first new restaurant in five years (and first high end restaurant in fifteen years) had to be spectacular – especially by Las Vegas standards!


The food there is described as “Seafood and Sushi with a Latin beat”, and the name was inspired by existing artwork at Palms Casino Resort:


“Damien Hirst’s controversial shark sculpture in Unknown Bar at the center of the Palms inspired the name. “When I saw the shark, I knew that was going to the name of the restaurant,” he says.


The artwork from British artist Damien Hirst features a 13-foot tiger shark, caught by a fisherman in Australia, and divided into three segments of steel and glass tanks, preserved in formaldehyde.


The bar gets its name from the artwork, dubbed The Unknown (Explored, Explained, Exploded) from 1999.”

Eater Las Vegas


The restaurant design was expertly done by Rockwell Group, who have also led many other iconic hospitality projects. The Shark dining room “was inspired by the open courtyards found in Central and South America”.


Our artificial plants factor prominently throughout the space, but the faux ivy is the most dramatic element:


“A covered outdoor dining terrace feels like a backyard, with fabric awnings on the ceiling and vines growing on back wall.


Black and white cement tiles in a random geometric pattern add a graphic, dynamic feel in contrast to the warmth of the restaurant interior.”

Rockwell Group, Palms Casino & Resort


The ivy stretches along the walls in a natural pattern that makes it seem like it’s really growing inside the restaurant. We also provided additional restaurant plants: replica fishtail palms, traveler’s palms, cropped grass, and fiddle leaf figs.


These plants are on display in front of the entrance, between tables, and in planter boxes throughout. Lights provided by Focus Lighting complete the rich, welcoming design.


2019 was a big year for us and restaurant plants; we provided gorgeous faux floral walls and a replica Mediterranean Olive Tree for CATCH at Aria, also in Las Vegas.


Other restaurant plant projects for us included a stunning replica cherry blossom tree for Okura Sushi in La Quinta, and artificial bougainvillea and succulents for Shaquille’s in Los Angeles.


If you’re seeking restaurant plants, flowers, or trees, we urge you to consider our artificial creations! Our replica and fabricated greenery require minimal maintenance (no watering!), never die or lose color, and won’t trigger any allergy concerns.


Another element to consider is the scent of natural plants and flowers. These smells are often beautiful, but they can compete with the appetizing smells of food offered in your restaurant. It’s the same reason many restauranteurs use unscented candles at their tables.  


If you dine at Shark, be sure to stop by the Revolve pop up clothing shop nearby. The Revolve x Palms flower wall is another TreeScapes & PlantWorks creation, and it’s a top selfie spot in the city!

Restaurant Plants Gallery: Bobby Flay's Shark at the Palms

Office Trees & Plants – Datran Business Center

Office trees & plants are some of the best ways to spruce up a business location. You can use nature to create a calm environment for employees, or add office trees & plants for color and aesthetic. 


A common problem with trees & plants for offices is maintenance. Many offices don’t get sufficient natural light, don’t have the time for daily upkeep, or don’t want to deal with different types of plants blooming each season.


There’s also a big risk of employees and customers having allergies. Natural trees and plants produce pollen that many people simply can’t tolerate. The solution? Artificial, replica, and fabricated plants & trees for the office.

That’s the approach that was taken for the Datran Business Center in Miami, Florida. Our team of TreeScapes’ artisans provided preserved palm trees, and replica grass, succulents, ivy, bushes, and ferns for the main lobby area.


Different colors of replica onion grass are arranged in the center, providing a unique base for an abstract sculpture. The grasses are Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR), making them ideal for indoor use.


The escalators are flanked by realistic replica mangrove trees. Mangroves are native to Florida and essential to their ecology, so it’s only appropriate that they were included here.


Replica mangrove bushes were also arranged behind the main columns. The mangroves are made with UltraLeaf-IFR® greenery, our proprietary, commercial-grade, inherently fire retardant replica foliage designed for use indoors.


Other features alongside and behind the escalators include more replica onion grass, replica Boston ferns, and replica aeonium succulents. Preserved palm trees add tropical touches to round out the design.


Our preserved sago palm trees have fabricated trunks, and real natural sago fronds. The fronds have been preserved via our proprietary preservation process, which also makes them inherently fire retardant. They look real because they are real!


Replica potted hanging pothos bushes and pothos garlands are arranged on the tiers of floors above. They have a soft, sprawling look that replicates natural ivy. The mirrored ceilings above reflect all of this greenery, making visitors feel like they’re inside an arboreterum or nature preserve.

If you like these replica mangroves, be sure to see our ADEX award winning “Escultura de Manglar” handcrafted tree sculpture!

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Datran Business Center - Office Plants & Trees Photo Gallery
Office trees & plants Datran Business Center
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