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Faux Lemons at the Bellagio Conservatory

The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is a highlight for visitors to the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The exhibits there rotate throughout the year, with a new theme and design for each of the four seasons, plus one for Chinese New Year.


The Summer 2019 attraction, La Dolce Vita, was described in their press release as a Scenic Summer Journey Through Italy:


La Dolce Vita comes to life inside Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens as guests are invited to experience the scenery, scents and sounds of an Italian summer.


Envisioned by designer Ed Libby and Bellagio’s Horticulture team, the dazzling display invites guests on a romantic holiday through four picturesque regions of the country…”


These exhibits always feature an array of real flowers, and last summer was no exception. 57,000 total flowers were on display! These were accented by beautiful faux lemons, lemon branches, and lemon foliage provided by TreeScapes & PlantWorks.


“Beginning as a tribute to the island of Capri, it brings guests under a canopy of lemon tree branches and greenery evocative of the entrance to the famous Da Paolino restaurant as water streams from an 8-foot fountain at the center of the canopy.”


Bellagio Botanical Gardens Welcome Summer Italiano, Las Vegas Newswire


“The east garden, full of lemons, represents the Isle of Capri, while the west garden has a 20-foot fountain that pays homage to the Fontana dell’Ovato in Villa d’Este.”


Bellagio Unveils New Italian Summer Conservatory Exhibit, Best of Las Vegas


Our replica faux lemons add life and color to any environment. We’ve had the chance to use them in several other projects, including the Tutor Perini Corporate Headquarters in Las Vegas. We provided the client with ten artificial Meyer Lemon trees – each about nine feet tall!


Our artificial lemon trees can also be found in grocery stores, including various Cardenas Markets.


In 2010 we created a series of nine specially designed, twelve-foot-tall lemon trees for Veloce Cibo, the restaurant that was on the 16th floor of the M Resort in Las Vegas. Almost Pop Art, these trees re-created fun, realistic lemons using natural wood and great detail to be botanically correct.


Lemons symbolize vitality, optimism, cleansing, and love. If you’d like to incorporate replica lemon trees or faux lemons in your next design, contact us today!