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Shaquille O'Neal's Restaurant "Shquille's" patio with faux bougainvillea

Faux Bougainvillea & Succulents at Shaquille’s Restaurant

Faux Bougainvillea & Succulents at Shaquille’s

What do faux bougainvillea flowers have in common with basketball? They’re both featured at basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s newest restaurant!


Shaquille’s opened in early 2019, and TreeScapes and PlantWorks provided faux bougainvillea flowers, succulents, and ivy.


It’s very easy to identify Shaq’s restaurant at first sight. There’s a bright purple SHAQUILLE’S sign, and a huge set of double doors. They’re tall enough to accommodate Shaq’s considerable (7’1) height. 


Our beautiful faux bougainvillea flowers are cover the entire wall next to the front doors. You can peek through, but this patio offers guests plenty of privacy as they dine. Inside you can find rows of market lights, which add warmth and ambiance.


“If you enjoy people watching, patio dining along the LA Live promenade is an ideal place. A mesh wall of flowers hides the seating area so you can do so discreetly. The restaurant also offers a place for celebrity guests wanting a bit more privacy.”


Shaquille’s: Southern-Style Cuisine in the Heart of Los Angeles
Cuisine Noir Magazine

Shaquille's Restaurant Los Angeles Front Doors & Sign & Faux Bougainvilleas

Faux Bougainvillea Flowers & Succulents

Shaquille O'Neal's Restaurant "Shquille's" patio with faux bougainvillea

Southern Comfort Meets Los Angeles Chic

The decor for this restaurant is especially important, because it addresses two different themes: Los Angeles and the South.


Shaquille’s is right across the street from the Staples Center, and part of the Downtown L.A. Live complex. The area is frequented by NBA players, celebrities, and tons of basketball fans. It’s the ideal location for a huge sports star like Shaq!


This location means that his restaurant has to capture that Southern California, casual glam aesthetic. 


The other side, though, is the cuisine and atmosphere. The chefs serve up authentic and elevated Southern cooking. Menu options include comfort food classics like shrimp and grits, baked macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, and fried green tomatoes.


The designer had to create a space that felt comfortable, cozy, and welcoming – even amidst the hustle and bustle of LA.

Inside Shaq’s LA Restaurant

The inside of Shaquille’s boasts even more of our creations – fake Kentia palms, lillies, and potted plants. Assorted faux succulents add more lush greenery the walls and interior.


Other highlights include a celebrity seating area and a massive, Shaq-sized chair. Look for it when you’re there, because Shaq is known to stop by regularly! 


If you’re wondering what to eat, Shaquille’s has some can’t-miss signature dishes. His famous fried chicken, for example, is brined for 48 hours. Be sure to try the classic Shaq Burger, made with American cheese and signature Shaq sauce. There’s even a Kobe burger! It’s made with Kobe beef and named in homage to his former teammate, Kobe Bryant.

Next time you’re in Los Angeles, stop by Shaquille’s! You can enjoy delicious food, and check out what we’ve done there. We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’re a restaurant owner or designer, contact us today for details on a custom creation for your next project. Email sales@treescapes.com or call 1-800-527-8884.

artificial foliage - carnival cruise ship

Artificial Foliage to Beat Summer Heat

Beat the Summer Heat Using Artificial Foliage

Artificial Foliage Palm Tree with mister water spray
Palm Tree Misters by International TreeScapes

Our artificial foliage for exterior trees & plants is made with the heat in mind. We have locations in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Miami, so we’re VERY familiar with summer weather – sometimes all year round! Luckily we have some incredible ways to add shade, privacy, and even smart tech to your backyard or outdoor space. 


Artificial Foliage Uses

    • Privacy: Hedges, green walls, and dense foliage trees can block out the sun – and nosy onlookers. Keep your space your own personal, private paradise! We can also conceal privacy cameras and motion sensor lights within trunks or branches. 
    • Cooling: We have many options to create shady spots in your yard, but you can always expand on these exterior trees & plants by adding concealed misters.
    • Tech Integration: You have your ideal refuge from the sun – so why not make it fun? Integrate some concealed speakers or screens to add surprising functions that no one will expect!
    • Speaking of Fun…we can also create custom made treehouses and play areas. Little ones will delight in having their own space, and you’ll love the hours of safe, fun entertainment it provides. We can even assist with custom cat trees for your feline friends!
Left: A fabricated palm tree with hidden misters gives homeowners cooling relief from the dry heat.

Artificial Foliage in Real Life

Artificial foliage palm trees Carnival Cruise lines
artificial foliage - carnival cruise ship

Artificial Foliage Options

    • UltraLeaf-X foliage is Ultraviolet “UV” Inhibited
    • UltraLeaf-X/IFR foliage is Ultraviolet “UV” Inhibited and Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR)
    • Exterior palms’ trunks are good for 15 years or longer and are built with IFR materials
    • “Giant” tree fronds are available in both “split” and “standard” leaf


These creations withstand harsh weather conditions without loss of shape, fullness, or color. And when we say “harsh”, we mean it!


Our UltraLeaf-X foliage stands the test of time against extreme temperature, sunlight, humidity, wind, rain, snow, and ice. This prevents our trees and plants from becoming discolored and tattered. We offer the industry’s longest lasting, highest-quality exterior creations.


Our products are also Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR). You don’t need to worry about fire hazards, even on the hottest, driest days. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re conserving water and helping to keep your home safe.


As for watering, pruning, fertilizing, and dealing with pests? Not a problem! You can skip all of that and just enjoy your beautiful, realistic looking trees, plants, and flowers. This makes artificial foliage ideal for dry climates where water conservation is a must.


Seniors, allergy sufferers, and “set it and forget it” types will all love how hands-off and easy it is to maintain gorgeous foliage in any weather. It doesn’t matter where you live, or what season it is – our artificial foliage makes it easy to enjoy your perfect backyard all year round.

Above: Our faux palm trees on Carnival cruise ships give guests a tropical island feel, even when they’re on the water. They also offer plenty of shady spots to cool down and enjoy the sea breeze.
Right: Our artificial Banyan tree provides shade and a scenic background for the Wegeforth Bowl amphitheater at the San Diego Zoo!
Artificial Foliage - Banyan Tree at San Diego Zoo
Banyan tree, seal, & zoo performers at Wegeforth Bowl, San Diego Zoo