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Schools & Libraries

Fabricated Black Oak Tree at Midland Library
Exterior Artificial Boxwood Hedge at Georgia University
Artificial Magnolia Tree Column Wrap and Column Concealment
Artificial Sugar Maple Tree at Midland Library

All over the world, schools and libraries have become symbols of modern architecture and contemporary education. Many of these buildings have become local landmarks with international recognition. However, these facilities all share a common mission – to safeguard knowledge and foster learning in a secure and comfortable setting. Our school and library interior design options provide this environment for guests young and old alike.


International TreeScapes is proud to have worked with multiple  universities, colleges and libraries around the globe by developing products that have enriched and  cultivated a learning environment.  We have developed trees of all shapes and sizes, from large  fabricated treehouses where young children can imagine and dream of the future, to towering Birch and Ficus trees where college level students prepare for a future that is fast approaching.

We are all drawn to libraries and schools for different reasons, as they have become central hubs for gathering, learning,  exploring, informing, inspiring and discussing. It is TreeScapes’ mission to cultivate these activities by providing high­-quality products that environmentally nurture these noble endeavors. School and library interior design can be taken to a new level with artificial trees that provide seating, play areas, shade, and cozy spots to curl up with a book.


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