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Artificial Traveler’s Palm Plant

Artificial Traveler’s Palm Plant

Traveler’s Palms are highly recognizable Plants with giant fan shaped leaves. They aren’t really a Palm Plant at all, but rather a genus of Flowering Plants. Their foliage fans out like a peacock tail and can end up with extraordinary volume.

These, along with Birds of Paradise, are some of the most popular and well-known tropical Plants. They can grow to be fairly large – some reach heights above 50 feet. They also need at least 10 feet of room for growth around them, so they shouldn’t be planted too close together.

Artificial Traveler’s Palm Plants are ideal because they stay the perfect size, shape, and color. They look realistic, and have biophilic appeal, but ours are completely faux! These Artificial Plants are a favorite choice for decorating hotels, inns, travel terminals, and restaurants.

This item is available as a Fabricated or Replica item. The product images may show a different version of this product; please note that variations in material and appearance may occur. Additionally, all items are custom made to specifications and completely unique. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like additional reference images. Email or call 1-800-527-8884.


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