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We custom design and create:

Preserved  Fabricated  Artificial  Replica


Trees, Plants, and Flowers


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Project Portfolio:

  • Fabricated Exterior Phoenix Dactylifera Date Palm Trees at Matisse Beach Club in Australia

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Advantages of Faux Trees & Plants


Perfect for…


Weight load restricted areas

Difficult environments

Reducing maintenance costs

Concealing lighting, audio, and video systems

Camouflaging building and plumbing components

Indoor and outdoor use

No need for…



Fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides



Interior sunlight

Temperature control

Safety • Durability • Accuracy • Creativity

We manufacture our products using the latest engineering techniques, Inherently Fire Retardant (“IFR”) and Ultraviolet Inhibiting (“UVI”) materials and independent laboratory. This puts our unique fake trees and plants at the forefront of the industry.
We constantly challenge ourselves to create products that meet and exceed the most stringent durability and safety standards.
Our capabilities can span the wide spectrum between remarkable realism and horticultural fantasy. Our high quality, hand-crafted products are visually stunning!
TreeScapes Inherently Fire Retardant Quality Product
TreeScapes Environmentally Tested Products