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Preserved Date Palm Trees at a hospital
Fabricated Oriental Golden Bamboo at UC Davis Hospital
Preserved Date Palm Trees at a Hospital

Hospitals concurrently witness the joy and sorrow of patients and their families on a daily basis. We sit in hospital waiting rooms hoping and praying and waiting some more. Environment makes a big difference, which is why hospital interior design is a specialty here at TreeScapes. Over the past 25 years, International TreeScapes has been instrumental in assisting hospitals with creating more comfortable common spaces and hallways, as well as consultation, examination and overnight rooms. Whether we help transform a sterile white wall into a colorful mural composed of commercial grade plants and florals, or we line halls with sky­high bamboo, hospitals are converted from places of tension and distress to scenes of security and reassurance. From our vast selection of fully organic, non­toxic, preserved creations made from 100% recycled plant material to our countless foliage options that can be made Inherently Fire Retardant, we are able to contribute to a safe environment while mitigating maintenance and replacement costs.


International TreeScapes brings Mother Nature indoors, shattering the “stale” reputation that hospital interior design has been historically associated with.


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