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Flower Walls & Olive Tree at CATCH Aria Las Vegas

Flower Walls & Olive Tree at CATCH Aria Las Vegas

Instagrammable Place: Flower Wall Tunnel Entrance CATCH Aria Las Vegas

TreeScapes and PlantWorks created a stunning fabricated olive tree at CATCH Las Vegas, located within the Aria Resort & Casino. The tree joined whimsical faux floral green walls and unique flowered birdcage accent pieces.


A huge Grand Opening event was thrown to celebrate the launch of the restaurant’s newest location. Our artificial flower and tree designs set the perfect ambiance for this chic eatery. The press quotes below discuss how our flower wall tunnel and faux Mediterranean Olive Tree at CATCH are the decor highlights!


The premiere was a star-studded event, full of A-List celebrities. Professional models in vibrant floral costumes and makeup added even more beauty. The menu features fresh steaks, sushi, and seafood, along with specialty cocktails and decadent desserts.


“As guests traverse through the picturesque entryway – a surreal, 80-foot-long tunnel-like pergola, offset by twinkling trellises and colorful blooming walls, it almost feels like stepping into a secret garden or hidden world…


The contemporary, nature-inspired feel is most evident in the main dining room. The centerpiece is the iconic olive tree standing at the middle of the room beneath its own glass roof.”



Fabricated Mediterranean Olive Tree at CATCH Aria Last Vegas
Flower Birdcages at CATCH Aria Last Vegas
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“The distinctive olive tree is actually a fabricated Mediterranean Olive Tree, adorned with glowing bulbs and flanked on either side by over-sized birdcage booths.


It’s no surprise that this restaurant has now become one of the top places to take a selfie in the city…


CATCH is one of Vegas’s most Instagrammable new hot spots.




The tree, birdcage, and spectacular floral tunnel all provide ideal Vegas selfie spots. We suggest posing on the rounded bench in front of the peach, pink, white, and red faux flower wall. Don’t forget to tag your Instagram pic with #catchAria!

Instagrammable Place: Artificial Flower Wall at CATCH Aria

If you’d like more inspiration, watch the walk-through video from the CATCH Aria Las Vegas Instagram page:

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